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    3rd June 2021

    The 7 best contract metrics to track – and why you need to start

    LUCY BASSLI It seems like every legal department has the ambition to be data-driven. But how do you get started and what should you track? Contract data can raise something of a chicken-egg conundrum: do… Continue Reading

    1st June 2021

    The ABCs and PPTs of Contracting for Today’s Lawyers

    Lucy Endel Bassli* This article was originally cited in Vol. V 2017 of the Suffolk University Law Review Online I. INTRODUCTION There is a revolution happening in the world of legal operations. The profession is… Continue Reading

    27th May 2021

    Fireside Chat: Legal Technology Welcome back to another NEXL Fireside Chat, this week we're speaking with Colin Levy, Director of Marketing and Business Development at WordRake and an Expert inside the Business of Law Hub. As always, NEXL's… Continue Reading

    26th May 2021

    The Lawyer-Legal Tech Relationship with Colin S. Levy

    See Original Post HERE. By AMIR RESHEF, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO OF DEALCLOSER In this interview, Colin cleared up some of the misconceptions lawyers have about technology and also shared his opinion on how the lawyer-legal technology relationship… Continue Reading



    17th June 2021

    Fireside Chat: Legal Marketing

    In this exclusive Fireside Chat, our Head of Growth Ben Chiriboga sits down with Barbara Koenen-Geerdink, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Al Tamimi & Company, to discuss legal marketing and her new book Beyond Billable Hours.

    11th June 2021

    World’s 2nd Legal Tech Consortium Launches | Jameson Legal Tech

    Meet Jameson Legal Tech, the world’s second legal tech marketing consortium, which will launch with four companies including NEXL.

    10th June 2021

    Fireside Chat: Relationship Selling

    Our Head of Growth Ben Chiriboga and BoL Expert in Residence, Alistair Marshall discuss the fundamentals of relationship selling.

    8th June 2021

    10 Immediate Actions to Generate Revenue & Cash

    Learn how to gain a competitive advantage over other law firms in ten simple steps.

    3rd June 2021

    Fireside Chat: Legal Operations

    In this exclusive Fireside Chat, our Head of Growth Ben Chiriboga sits down with Lucy Bassli to discuss legal operations.

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