The Smart, Simple CRM Law Firms love to use.

Say goodbye to legacy CRMs that make your lawyers enter data. NEXL is the only CRM that builds itself for you -- without your lawyers having to enter data -- designed specifically for law firms (not salespeople).

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"I've been waiting 40 years for the NEXL CRM"

Former Freshfields partner Stephen Revell explains why NEXL’s 360 CRM changes everything.

 With over 40 years of Business Development experience — and multiple CRM projects under his belt — Stephen Revell shares why NEXL’s 360 CRM is the solution law firms have been waiting for.

NEXL CRM v. Legacy CRMs

Over 90% of law firms hate their CRM! Here’s why you’ll love NEXL’s CRM.

Unlike legacy CRMs today — built for sales teams — NEXL’s CRM was designed from the ground up to give your law firm a business development tool your lawyers love, while getting your Business Development team the data they need to drive more client work.


Drive more legal work from your client and business contacts

Keep in touch, remember to follow up and organize your contacts in one place – NEXL automatically keeps track of all of your relationships without painful data-entry tasks.

NEXL 360

Access powerful Relationship Insights that drive revenue

Automatically capture and map all your firm’s relationships to easily see who knows whom, who are the strongest links between you and your clients, when was the last time someone reached out and more. All without any data entry.


Increase firm referrals by growing your international network

Join our lawyer-to-lawyer referral community, list your profile on our global lawyer directory, be found by other lawyers, meet new referral contacts and host your own virtual events — all inside the NEXL Community.

“Despite the $11 billion spent on CRM software annually, many companies don’t understand customer relationships at all. They lack relational intelligence…and don’t know how to reinforce or change those connections.”

Over 3,000+ law firms use NEXL to understand their relationships and grow sustainable revenue

Getting started with NEXL is simple

There’s no multi-session training with NEXL because we integrate naturally with the apps you’re already using like Exchange, Outlook and/or Gmail and can pull in the data easily. 

Reasons why Law Firms love NEXL

World class partners

Connect with Microsoft, Google and 50+ other applications to get a 360 view of your relationships.

Fully automated

Automatically discover your contacts and track all interactions with them.

Trusted security

Sleep soundly knowing your data is always safe and always accessible. We use the most secure and ISO-Certified data centres.

Mobile app

Manage relationships on the go with our top rated mobile app available in all app stores.

Expert advice

Make the right decisions with access to business development strategy templates, educational content and more.

Assisted onboarding

Get up and running in days, not months — using NEXL is just that easy.

Deep Dive

Level up your business development inside our Resource Hub

Visit our Resource Hub for actionable content and guides on business development practice management and networking for lawyers.

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So, is NEXL CRM right for you?

We think so. NEXL gives you the information to build better relationships to grow your law firm.