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NEXL is a simple but powerful no-data-entry CRM that helps your law firm generate new clients, sell more services and reduce client churn. Stop using spreadsheets to manage client relationships and start using NEXL!

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Hate entering client contact data into spreadsheets?

 Spreadsheets are hard and time-consuming. NEXL’s no-data entry CRM helps your law firm manage client relationships without needing manual data-entry. There’s a new, better way to manage your firms contacts for the 21st century.

Increase Revenue with more cross-selling.

Law firms want to sell more services to their clients – NEXL can make it happen. NEXL’s unique technology will show you which practice groups are talking to which clients along with the information you need to make the right introductions at the right time.

Matouk Bassiouny is increasing cross-selling services using NEXL.

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Stop losing clients to churn.

Losing a client to a competitor is hard — NEXL can help you keep more clients. By tracking client engagements, NEXL can show you when you are losing touch with a client so that you can reach out and re-connect before it’s too late. Keep more clients, longer.

Turn your lawyers into a business development super team.

Lawyers are the main touch points to clients – empower them to build relationships.  NEXL gives your lawyers an easy-to-use and fully automated contact manager to help them build stronger relationships for your firm – easily.

Kinstellar is identifying new client opportunities using NEXL.


Double your yearly revenue goals

The “client pipeline” system is broken. NEXL’s accountability tools makes it easy for your Business Development team to manage your new client opportunities. With NEXL, you’ll always know exactly what you need to do nect to achieve your goals. 

NEXL helps law firms....

And yes - it's easy to get started!

No multi-session training. No months long implementation. NEXL integrates with all the apps your law firm uses today, like Exchange, Outlook and/or Gmail so you can instantly get started.

"I've waited 40 years for the NEXL CRM"

Former Freshfields partner Stephen Revell explains why NEXL’s 360 CRM changes everything.

Stop waiting. Book a 35-minute product demo today.

DFDL is creating more referral revenue using NEXL.

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Reasons why Law Firms love NEXL

Top integrations

Connect with Microsoft, Google and 50+ other applications to get a 360 view of your relationships.

Fully automated

Automatically discover your contacts and track all interactions with them.

Trusted security

Sleep soundly knowing your data is always safe and always accessible. We use the most secure and ISO-Certified data centres.

Mobile app

Manage relationships on the go with our top rated mobile app available in all app stores.

Expert advice

Make the right decisions with access to business development strategy templates, educational content and more.

Fast onboarding

Get up and running in days, not months — using NEXL is just that easy.

+1,000s of law firms around the world trust NEXL's CRM

Is NEXL's CRM a good fit for you?

Want to empower your lawyers to generate more clients? Then yes.

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