The 9 NEW ways lawyers can generate more business from their network in 2020

Today, it’s never been harder to generate new business.

Since 2008, global demand for legal services has been nearly flat across all markets. Moreover, for the first time in its history law firms are now competing against non-legal players, technology players and in-house teams for a chance to do “the work”.

Is the end near for law firms? What can law firms do in 2019 to remain competitive and grow?

One word: NETWORKS.

At NEXL we believe NETWORKS present a unique opportunity for lawyers and law firms to grow in 2019 and it’s why we’ve launched out network platform to the world – to help you grow through the power of digital networks.

To help you generate more business through the power of networks, we’ve compiled our top 9 ways lawyers can generate more business using the power of networks below.

Let’s get started!

9 Ways Lawyers can Generate More Business With Networks

1- TRACK YOUR REFERRALS. It all starts with the data – and yet despite the power insights you can generate using data, most law firms still don’t track their referrals.

Tracking your referrals gives you the opportunity to finally understand how your network is works, what’s working for you and what’s not which allows you to make strategic decisions on where to put your efforts when it comes to business development and supporting your network.

Time is scare. Your busy. If you do nothing else, tracking your referrals will give you the insights and knowledge you need to start generating more work from your network.

2- STAY INFORMED. Today there’s more information than ever before. We live in an information over-load, which makes staying up to date with your network harder than ever.

By using RSS feeds however, you can get the signal you need to have personalized, value-add conversations at the right time with the right person. Try Google’s RSS feed and one of the third party providers to keep in touch with what’s going on in your networks world.

3- DELIVER VALUE. For many value means money. However, in the case of a network value can means so much more. A recent video by Konstantinos Papakonstantinou really broke down a great framework for this including the idea of contact-marketing which involves contact-focused networking.

4 – TREAT YOUR NETWORK LIKE CLIENTS. This tip is all about switching your mindset. By learning to treat your network like clients you will learn to value the time you put into staying up-to-date with them.

In the end, most lawyers have worked with 100s of clients over the course of their careers while most clients know far fewer clients who may need legal services.

5- INTERNAL NETWORKS. It might be sad but the truth is, many times it’s hard to know who you know let alone who partners in your firm know. Internal network is the process of mapping and understand who your fellow colleagues know and don’t know. You’ll be amazed at how many connection you all have in aggregate.

6- UNDERSTAND THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY. Humans like to give back. It’s in our DNA. By understanding the law of reciprocity you can begin to see your referrals as an investment into reciprocity.

By tracking your referrals and developing network insights your able to understand where things stand between you and a partner and make sure both of you are on the same page.

7- DEVELOP AN ALLIANCE. Legal Alliances are a way to provide superior coordinated services to clients by pooling their resources and expertise in diverse areas of law.

The difficult in the past was ensure quality assurance for clients but with project management software and tracking those risk have decreased dramatically in 2019, providing you with a massive upside to generate new work through integrated alliances and specialized legal groups.

8- INVEST LIKE ASSETS. In the end, your network IS your great assets and is one of the few engines you have that can produce exponential returns for you like a stock could.

Unlike your clients, who only grow more linearly – network grow exponentially. By treating your network like a stock, you will.

9 – FOLLOW-UP. Today, keeping in touch with your network can be scaled through the use of technology. By understanding your top partners, you can tier our your follow-ups providing personal touches to those more important and more value-added scalable messages to others in your network.


Woooo, so there it is – our top 9 tips for generating more work through the power of networks. We’ll be updating this list regularly so be sure to come back to this list often to get the more tips.

At NEXL believe networks are the future of law firm growth in a digitally connected world.

Join the fastest growing legal community, globally.

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