NEXL partners with Lexub

For lawyers who want to take the next step in their practice and bring their intellectual property to an open digital marketplace, it’s still the case that in 2020 there remains incredible friction in the market for many lawyers to sell and barter their form agreements and document IP, easily – that is until today.

NEXL and Lexub are proud to announce a new partnership to reduce the friction global lawyers face by providing lawyers with a new distribution channel to bring their documents to an open marketplace.

Powered by the core competencies of NEXL and Lexub, this partnership sees Lexub’s document marketplace combining with NEXL’s unique lawyer-to-lawyer network platform to give lawyers on each platform direct access and distribution to a fast-growing community of thousands of global cross-border lawyers ready to transact with one another, powered by a global supply of expert documents.

Together, NEXL and Lexub are giving lawyers not only a new opportunity to monetize their expertise and access to a global marketplace, but a unique ability to collaborate on a global scale, leveraging the power of an open marketplace.

To get started on NEXL, the world’s fastest growing online lawyer-to-lawyer platform for creating referral relationships today for free, head to

 About Lexub

Lexub is a lawyer-to-lawyer document marketplace that helps lawyers generate additional revenue, leads and profile, by providing a platform to easily share and license documents directly to other lawyers around the world, for a fee determined by you.

Lexub also extends lawyers’ reach into a crowd-sourced world of on-demand legal documents, directly from other lawyers.

To learn more about how Lexub can turn your precedents into a revenue opportunity go to

About NEXL

NEXL is the fastest-growing lawyer-to-lawyer community and networking platform with over 2500 law firms across 130 countries. With NEXL, lawyers build stronger referral relationships to win new clients, and better serve their clients’ growing international needs. It’s the most efficient way for lawyers to network, globally.

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