Why lawyers don’t need a CRM but do need this tool instead

Why lawyers don’t need a CRM but do need this tool instead

by Ben
12th November 2020

Much has been written about the benefits of law firms adopting customer relationship management systems (CRMs). However, we’re of the belief that it’s not a traditional CRM they need to drive better relationships and align teams, even during the rise of remote work and the global pandemic. 

Rather, we believe that what many, if not most, boutique to medium-sized law firms around the world need in fact, is a way to collaborative and manage their contacts. In a way that allows them to follow-up and stay top of mind with their best and most valuable relationships. 

Let’s look at the six benefits of using a cloud-based contact relationships system, like NEXL, to drive efficiency and better client relationships. 

1. Relationship-Enablement

The first and obvious benefit is that cloud-based contact management systems ALLOW remote work to happen at scale.

By sharing storage, workflows, and online tools, lawyers working remotely can be more productivity from the comfort of their work-from-home situations. 

2. Better Peace of Mind 

Cloud-based contact management systems are designed to run even when your IT team is not in the office. While businesses of all sizes should have appropriate backup solutions in case of data loss, this often proved to be an expensive mission for IT departments. 

With cloud-based contact management, even the smallest law firms can enjoy a future-proof backup solution that saves time and reduces large upfront IT investment. 

There is incredible peace of mind know the IT team is ALWAYS available. 

3. Better Integrations 

Unlike natively built applications, cloud-based apps are designed to work with their applications. One great example is the seamless integration between NEXL and your Microsoft Office Outlook inbox. This is what could allow your business to capture referral data directly from email exchanges with customers, clients, and referral partners, instead of going through a third-party program like Excel. 

Save on IT Expenditure 

Last but not least, cloud-based apps are more cost-effective than traditional setups. In fact, a study of 1300 organizations in the UK and US found that 54% of them increased profits through cloud services. This is thanks to cheaper updates, a reduced investment in data centers purchase and fewer expenses for equipment or facilities. 

Reduce the number of tools you use. 

If you still need convincing about the power of cloud-based contact management (vs native or on premise), do consider the following: you could drastically reduce the number of tools you currently use. 

When you learn that businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees run an average of 22 custom applications, you can quickly see how beneficial it can be to centralize your operations within none dashboard. 

CRMs or even better contact management systems allow for your people to minimize the number of tools they are current using to manage their relationships – excel, Outlook, phone – into one system that’s in the cloud. 

Key Takeaways 

Businesses who have yet to implement a flexible working policy may find the prospect of bringing on a new legal CRM daunting – and they should, over 90% of CRM projects in law firm fails. 

This is especially true of boutique and medium sized law firms. 

But the fact is, those who resist enabling work from home or remote work policies can put themselves at a competitive disadvantage. This mode of working is increasingly seen as morale-boosting, efficient, and attractive to top talent. 

NEXL can make it easy for your firm to get started, giving you an easy to get started, all-in-one contact management solution that fit perfectly with your lawyers needs – stay in touch while working remotely — all while helping you improve efficiency, reduce costs, and scale your operations with complete peace of mind.  

The NEXL system is perfect for teams that want to get started enabling remote work or want to save their legal CRM.  

Ready to get started – ask for a demo of our contact management system and see how easy it is to get your law firm remote ready! 

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