Weekly Digest 4

22nd March 2021

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Welcome to the weekly newsletter from the Business of Law Hub. This week we’re spotlighting Mentorship and featuring our Expert in Resident Anjie Vichayanonda – a lawyer and the Founder and CEO of Leg Up Legal. 



Leg Up Legal provides an online mentoring program, cloud-based platform, and mobile app to connect prospective law students to attorney mentors.



Learn all about the advantages of mentorship and how it will benefit you either as a mentor and mentee below –

Watch Now: Legal Design Fireside Chat

In this exclusive Fireside Chat, our Head of Growth Ben Chiriboga sits down with Anjie Vichayanonda, lawyer and the Founder and CEO of Leg Up Legal, which provides an online mentoring program, cloud-based platform, and mobile app to connect prospective law students to attorney mentors.

Anjie & Ben discuss:

  • Anjie’s journey into the legal profession started with cold-calling 50 lawyers and stumbling upon one lawyer that finally became my mentor
  • Why mentorship is especially important for first-generation lawyers
  • How to identify mentors
  • How to cultivate relationships with mentors and be an awesome mentee
  • How to be a good mentor for others and give back to the next generation of lawyers
  • Special considerations for virtual mentoring

Roundup: Mentorship Content


The importance of mentorship in the legal industry Read


Podcast: Law Lives Project – This podcast sheds light on some of the challenges that lawyers face in the earliest part of building their careers. Each week, host, Anjie Vichayanonda, sits down with members of the legal profession, to chat about the paths they took to get where they are now, including the times they stumbled, the times they fell, and the times they needed a little help.  Read


Spotlight: Leg Up Legal Mentoring


Volunteer today to help prospective law students learn more about the legal profession and the practice of law.


There are so many benefits to becoming a mentor in the legal industry. Enhance your leadership skills, help shape the lawyers of tomorrow and support those who need the guidance to navigate their legal career. 


Leg Up Legal has created a plug-and-play solution for attorneys to connect with prelaw students and build relationships with them via their online platform.


  • Build a Profile
  • Match with a Mentee
  • Meet
  • Build lasting relationships!

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