Weekly Digest 9

28th April 2021

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Welcome to the weekly newsletter from the Business of Law (BoL) Hub! This week we’re spotlighting Client Psychology and featuring our BoL Expert in Residence, Shari Belitz, CEO of Shari Belitz Communications, LCC; a company which provides mock trial, focus groups, and other litigation consulting services to lawyers and insurance industry professionals.

Discover the new ways to gain a cognitive advantage on your competitors!

👀 Watch Now: Client Psychology Fireside Chat

Client Psychology

In this exclusive Fireside Chat, our Head of Growth Ben Chiriboga sits down with Expert in Residence, Shari Belitz, to discuss the interesting topic of cognitive biases for lawyers.

Shari shared with us tips on how #lawyers​ can:

  • Best watch out for cognitive biases, in both themselves and others.
  • Be extra vigilant for cognitive biases throughout the litigation processes.
  • Give themselves and their case a cognitive edge.

Watch the EXCLUSIVE Fireside Chat

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EnPSYCHLAWpedia™: The Psychology Methodology for Litigation. Learn More

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