Why The Fortune Is In The Follow Up For Law Firms

Why The Fortune Is In The Follow Up For Law Firms

30th April 2021


How many times do you follow up with a new potential client?

If you are in professional services, you have probably heard the phrase “the fortune is in the follow up.” But what really does that mean?

Studies show that it takes an average of 8 contacts with a prospect to finally convert a prospect into a client. Amazingly however, most lawyers either never follow or stop at 2 contacts; the initial contact, either through a website form or face-to-face chance greeting and the follow-up appointment after which a new client appointment is made or the client says “NO.”

This is NOT enough and unfortunately, many would be clients are unnecessarily lost. Having a system to track your contacts is essential to following-up and winning work.

A complete “winning” follow up scenario

In this example, we’ll show you how NEXL’s contact management system for lawyers can help you follow-up inside a full winning scenario.

Touch #1 & #2

When you meet a potential client on a face-to-face greeting and they show signs of the slightest interest, ask for their information before handing them your business card and then ask them if it’s ok to follow-up with them in a few days.

Pro tip: If it’s an email NEXL’s Contact Manager will automatically log it.

Touch #3

Between the first contact and the agreed upon follow up, send a quick e-mail telling them you enjoyed speaking with them. Be sure to thank them for their interest and remind them of their commitment.

Pro tip: NEXL’s Contact Manager can set reminder for you to follow-up after meeting the prospect.

Touch #4

By the time you actually sit to meet with them (or have your scheduled conference call), you now have made 3 contacts with this same person. Sometimes the person will be ready to move forward. Regardless, send that person an email thanking them, outlining what was discussed and confirming another meeting. You may want to also ask the prospect if more information is needed or requested.

Pro tip: NEXL’s Contact Manager allows you to group your contacts into “prospective clients” groupings.

Touch #5

If more information was requested or suggested, here’s another opportunity to set another touch follow-up – remember it’s about face time and creating familiarity.

Pro tip: NEXL’s Contact Manager will automatically count all your interaction and show you dates of touch-points.

After “x” days, call the prospective client, asking them if they have any questions.

Pro tip: NEXL’s contact manager have space for you to log conversation notes and log interesting notes.

Touch #6

At this point – using your Contact Manager – you’ve set yourself up for three possible outcomes. First, they may say that the service is not for them, they still need more information, or they are not the person who ultimately makes the decision. Even if it’s not an ideal outcome, you’ve established enough goodwill to ask for a referral.

Pro tip: NEXL’s contact manager allows you to automatically track and log referrals so that you can reward your best referral sources.

Touch #7

Touch #7 can come in the form of an email thanking them

for their consideration, their referral or hopefully becoming a client. If this still did not result in a new client, ask if you may contact them in “x” months to see if either their business initiatives has changed. Schedule that into your CRM and in 6 months… FOLLOW UP.

Pro tip: NEXL’s contact manager will automatically remind you to follow-up in 6 months.

Touch #8

If your communication did result in them becoming a new client, still contact them in 6 months and review with them how they’ve enjoyed their services, the results of the broader initiative and if they have any further issues, needs or comments. This is massively importantly because in legal services, law firms are on a continuous cycle of service; the previous service does not guarantee the next piece of work!

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