Implementing A CRM – The Truth

Implementing A CRM – The Truth

10th May 2021


The BIG Lie about CRMs

There is a big misunderstanding today holding back many law firms from moving forward with their CRM project – namely, “CRMs are hard to implement”

Not only is this NOT true. It’s dangerous.

In this article, we will show you (1) why this mode of thinking is outdated and (2) how the rise of APIs and data-enrichment services now allow for CRM’s to be implemented in days – rather than months or weeks.

Using this technology, CRMs – including NEXL’s no-data-entry CRM — can allow your law firm to implement a new CRM in just days!

If you are ready to implement a CRM but unsure about the cost effort – rest assured! There is a new way to implement CRMs!

Old Way v. New Way – CRM Implementation

In the old world of CRM implementation, the prevailing wisdom was:

“You must create a CRM implementation team and have your data in perfect condition before starting a CRM Project.”

In the new world of CRM implementation – using the latest technology – this prevailing wisdom is crumbling apart.

NEXL’s CRM gives lawyers a new type of contact manager to power the new business development strategies available today including stay-in-touch reminders, contact auto-sync and the soon-to-be-released social prospector.

Together these features give lawyers the ability to engage in targeted low effort, high impact business development activities (versus business travel, article writing or empty networking events)


Today the world of legal business development has fundamentally changed for the better. Your lawyers can use technology — like NEXL’s contact manager — to do much more impactful business development (at a significantly lower cost) that actually supports your current efforts.

Your BD opportunity is here — will you take it?

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