Is it Time for a KM Playbook at your Law Firm?

Is it Time for a KM Playbook at your Law Firm?

28th July 2021


By Jennifer Brown, Editorial Consultant, ADB Insights

The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in law firms. In particular, it has shown a greater need for the silos of knowledge to be served up on platforms lawyers can use — and as the pandemic lingers, knowledge management (KM) teams are trying to bring that vision to life.

Like so many professionals, when COVID-19 hit, the world as most lawyers knew it changed, and they were forced to consider the tools their KM organizations had been pushing for years. The previous experience of sharing information in person has moved online, but now KM departments are challenged to convince lawyers the online water cooler is just as effective, if not more.


Canadian Legal Innovation Forum - Knowledge Management

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