The New Era of Law Firm Partnerships

The New Era of Law Firm Partnerships

20th August 2021

Welcome to another great week at the NEXL Business of Law Hub. This week, we are super excited to be discussing the most important topic for modern lawyers – Business Development and featuring Christoph Vaagt, Managing Partner at Law Firm Change Consultants.

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🙌  BOL Community Lawyer of the Week


This week’s Business of Law NEXL Community Lawyer is… Ivana Ruzicic

Ivana Ruzicic is the Managing Partner at PR Legal; a law firm based in Belgrade, Serbia. She advises clients in a comprehensive range of employment, corporate and commercial legislation matters, touching upon the day-to-day business of major multinational companies in Serbia.

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👀 Watch Now: Law Firm Partnerships Fireside Chat

Law Firm Partnerships

In this exclusive Fireside Chat, our Founder & CEO, Philipp Thurner sat down with Christoph Vaagt, Managing Partner at Law Firm Change Consultants, to discuss law firm partnerships and how to address inevitable change in a law firm.

Philipp and Christoph had a great time discussing:

  • Types of changes in the context of partnerships and common attitudes;
  • Methods for partnerships to address change and aligning it to the firm culture;
  • The secrets to success in modern law firm partnerships; and
  • Common issues in partnerships that hinder their ability to succeed.

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📊 Business of Law Insights

BoL Member of the Week (6)

It used to be… that law firms simply needed “legal intelligence” aka the “best lawyers.”

However, the world is much more competitive and complex now. Just like in humans, when things get more complex you need to develop more intelligence to stay competitive and relevant.

This is why the best law firms are now combining legal intelligence with client intelligence (with relationship insights being at the core). At NEXL, we’re super excited to be assisting lawyers to utilise the right tools to create a modern client care experience.

📅 Business of Law Events

2021 Spring Webinar Series

Event by The Canadian Legal Innovation Forum

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TGM Colloquy

Event by The Grey Matter

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🌿 NEXL CRM Free Trial


Did you know that lawyers can now connect with clients – within seconds – using technology?

So if you’re NOT and your competition is, where does that leave your law firm? At NEXL, we’re proud to power the new era of PROACTIVE lawyer-led business development through client intelligence.

With NEXL CRM, you can reduce the time you spend doing BD by 60%.

Here’s what one lawyer said… “The CRM system has reduced by more than 65% the time required each day for me to keep in frequent personal contact with clients, prospective clients, and professional friends.”

Are you ready to maximise your BD results in less than half the time?

‘Show me how to save time and achieve greater results’

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