Why is ABM the Best Strategy for Law Firms?

Why is ABM the Best Strategy for Law Firms?

4th September 2021

Learn why lawyers around the world are adopting ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and achieving great results.

A critical advantage of an ABM strategy is the focus, speed, and ROI it brings to time spent by your lawyers on marketing and business development.

Law firm partners are not only responsible to bring in new work, but they are also actively working on client matters.

With the constant struggle of balancing time spent on developing new business and meeting their utilization targets, an ABM strategy will help them achieve higher revenue growth while allowing them to reach their billable and do what they do best: helping their clients solve their most complex legal problems.

ABM drives ROI

97% of law firms achieved higher ROI with ABM than
with any other marketing / business development initiatives according to Alterra Group.

ABM is superior to other marketing and business development efforts.

84% of law firms say account-based marketing strategies outperform other marketing and business development investments.

ABM results in higher revenue.

Partners generate 208% more revenue in law firms that have aligned their business development and marketing teams with their Partners and practice leaders.

This article is featured in Nexl’s Ultimate Account-Based Marketing Guide for Law Firms.


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