International Law Firm, Cuatrecasas selects Nexl as their Fast-Track BD Tool

International Law Firm, Cuatrecasas selects Nexl as their Fast-Track BD Tool

14th October 2021

Written by Cuatrecasas


The sixth edition of Cuatrecasas Acelera, the Cuatrecasas acceleration program that has helped over 35 startups to get traction for their projects, has already selected the six startups that will benefit from the firm’s mentorship to accelerate and boost the growth of their businesses, which are focused on the Fin-Tech, Health-Tech, energy and media sectors.

“In this edition, and after a purely digital year, we move on to a hybrid format, combining onsite activity with online activity to carry out the best mentorship of the accelerated startups, which have a higher maturity level with every year that passes. Also, we have two marvellous projects, Nexl and Omnios, with which we will carry out concept tests from tomorrow,” stated Francesc Muñoz, CIO of Cuatrecasas and the driving force behind Cuatrecasas Acelera.

Following the success and implementation of the two projects that participated in the last edition of the fast track program (which aims to identify, co-create and boost the development and implementation of use cases that resolve the challenges identified by Cuatrecasas), this edition backs a project that optimises and makes the firm’s commercial process agile with the support of the Australian startup Nexl, as well as the implementation of a solution with the startup Onmnios which, through video analysis using artificial intelligence, helps with the strategy, planning and implementation of litigation processes.

Projects Selected:

BIA (Energy-Spain): Startup that optimises the charging of electric vehicles to  reduce costs, ensure a green charge and enable the electricity networks to be clean and reliable.

IZI Record (Media-Spain): New technology that integrates a multicamera system, hi-fi audio and an auto-editor with artificial intelligence. A new revolutionary system for recording videos. It enriches the video with all the public recording at the same event, incorporates audio from the mixer desk and, in three seconds, the videos are edited and personalized.

Match Trial (HealthTech-Spain): Technological solution that accelerates the inclusion of cancer patients in clinical trials through a free application. Thanks to an intelligent algorithm, the application enables patients and medical professionals to find a clinical trial that is compatible with the diagnosis of a cancer patient in just a few minutes, offering a personalized experience based on a questionnaire about the person’s state of health.

NB-RIC (FinTech-Spain): This is the first platform that obtains, in real time all the official documents on a potential client directly from the public administrations’ websites (CIRBE, income, work life, monthly contributions, situation with the Social Security, VAT, corporate tax and many other documents). It accelerates the process for obtaining documents and improves the quantity and quality of the data in a risk-assessment process.

Wixdom (FinTech-Spain): The first aggregator of multi-platform crowdfunding transactions worldwide. It enables follow up of the market in real time, the updating of the feed with new startups seeking financing or carrying out analyses and comparatives to make decisions using a portfolio management tool that enables investment management.

MO Technologies (FinTech-Colombia): Use disruptive technology to create, grow and optimise more inclusive and digital financial solutions. Its modular products include a digital lending platform, alternative scoring and analysis and complementary data for clients to make better decisions.

At the same time, another two startups have been selected for the fast track program, oriented towards international scale-ups: 

NEXL (Australia): Nexl’s Client Revenue Platform is an all-in-one front-office CRM that gives law firms and lawyers the power to develop better client relationships, win new business and accelerate client revenue using the Client Revenue Flywheel©— even while working hybrid.

OMNIOS (Barcelona):  Startup that develops platforms for different sectors that collect and analyze large quantities of non-structured information (text, audio, video…) with artificial intelligence to improve, automate and accelerate strategic decision making.

About Cuatrecasas Acelera

The startup accelerator program for the legaltech sector and startups with high legal complexity designed by the law firm Cuatrecasas identifies the best talent from among European projects with great potential, to promote them through a four-month accelerator program and to provide them with legal, business and technological support, and to give them access to clients and financing.

Also, in every edition, the Cuatrecasas Fast Track program selects two more mature legaltech or technological startups and develops a use case with them, to give companies an opportunity to learn about and validate the viability of their initiatives in a real professional environment.

Cuatrecasas Acelera website:

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