Legal Tech Friends: Motionize

Legal Tech Friends: Motionize

20th January 2022

In this session of Legal Tech Friends, we were joined by Joshua Schoen, Founder and CEO of Motionize, where we discuss how lawyers can leverage precedents for effective redlining to accelerate their drafting while minimizing mistakes.

Together with Ben Chiriboga, Head of Growth at Nexl, they discussed:

  • Best tips and practices of contract review and drafting;
  • Redlining and clause compiling for different stakeholders through the Motionize lense; and
  • A real-time demo of the software.

Motionize is a document automation and management company building the next generation of tools for legal practitioners. We believe that technology is on a par with competency as a critical law practice function. We are passionate about efficiency, productivity and client success.

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