Avvoka’s Ultimate Guide to Document Automation

Avvoka’s Ultimate Guide to Document Automation

25th January 2022


The 2022 Edition of Avvoka’s Ultimate Guide to Document Automation is OUT NOW.


👉 Who is this for?

For lawyers (in-house and law firms), consultants, operations leads, sales enablement, procurement experts and anyone else that’s interested in automating their team’s work and repetitive documentary processes.

👉 What does this mean for you?

Avvoka have broken down their Legal Tech and Document Automation knowledge into short, digestible chapters with visual examples to help you to pick up document automation in minutes.

👉 Why?

This is perfect for those who want to close contracts faster, save money, achieve more wins during negotiations, shorten long-winded approval processes, and ultimately, become a valuable asset to their company as it undergoes the #legaltechrevolution.


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