The Holy Grail of Client Communications

The Holy Grail of Client Communications

13th April 2022

For law firms, client care and communications are critical to ensure long-lasting success.

With the majority of client communications now being digital, lawyers have to make a conscious effort to stay connected with their important clients.

We have seen law firms all around the world underdeliver in this area. They fail to stay connected with their clients in a meaningful and relevant way, causing a bad client experience and ultimately losing some of their most valuable clients.

“Did you know that 3 out of 5 clients have dropped at least one of their law firms in the past year?”

Why is it so difficult for law firms to deliver great client communication?

There are many reasons why law firms have generally found it challenging to frequently engage with clients in a meaningful way.

Before we dive into suggestions to help you improve client communications, it is important to understand the different types of client communications and their effectiveness in generating new revenue.

Let’s remember, clients engage lawyers they know, like and trust.


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