Law Firms Innovating to Address Client Needs

Law Firms Innovating to Address Client Needs

28th April 2022

By Jennifer Brown, Editorial Consultant, ADB Insights


It’s easy to say law firms lag behind other industries when it comes to adopting technology and tailoring services to client needs, but the reality is many firms have embraced the idea that to compete in today’s marketplace, they must implement processes and tools such as project management, data analytics and collaboration platforms to drive efficiencies, engagement and retention.

“Lawyers have an obligation to the client to find ways to deliver service and ensure the end product is better…

The legal profession is changing.

It’s not just other law firms; other players such as alternative legal service providers or automated solutions that are replacing tasks lawyers would have done.

If there are law firms who aren’t thinking about how to keep clients happier or provide better value, they are at major risk of being in trouble because you can’t flip a switch overnight…”


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