An Entrepreneurial Approach for Lawyers

An Entrepreneurial Approach for Lawyers

1st June 2022

When lawyers take an entrepreneurial approach to their careers, it allows them to see opportunities that would have otherwise been passed over.

While the pandemic has certainly created obstacles to the everyday practice and client development opportunities, the real result was shining a light on problems that already existed.

Teaching lawyers how to listen to clients, how to engage in real conversations that build relationships, and show up how you want to be seen as a professional, changes the business development prospects and opportunities for each lawyer, and the firm.

When lawyers shift from waiting for firm-level clients to be brought to them, to engaging in consistent communication and conversations with colleagues, clients, and collaboration partners, the business development strategy will never revert to the past patterns of pitch, wait, and pray.

Those that are successful at the relationship building and client conversations, understand that the practice of law is no longer left to those that provide outstanding work product.

With so much changing for business clients on a daily basis, lawyers have been forced to listen and validate new ideas, moving away from pitches, and merely providing legal expertise.

Clients want problem-solvers on their team.

They also want individuals who are willing to collaborate and listen.

These collaborative relationships allow lawyers to engage in curious, confident conversations with clients, and referral partners right from the beginning.

As a result, the engagement in strategic conversations allows lawyers to be engaged in dialogues that bring them into projects sooner, at a more engaged level, and move the ownership of business development to lawyers of all level, and to practices of any size.


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