Is Outdated Tech Costing Your Law Firm?

Is Outdated Tech Costing Your Law Firm?

5th June 2022


Are you leaving room in your firm’s budget to invest in technology? For the majority, the answer is yes – nowadays, it would be tough to find a legal team that didn’t use some form of legal technology to assist with their day to day processes, whether to create and manage deal documents or simply send email correspondence. 

The question we should be asking next is – is your technology suite in need of an upgrade? Change isn’t easy, but is it worth sacrificing your competitive edge and consequently, profitability? Here are some of the ways your outdated technology could be costing you.

1. Team Efficacy

2. Siloed Knowledge and Scaled Costs

3. Unhappy Clients


AVVOKA is a document automation, negotiation and analytics tool designed to help law firms, in-house legal teams and businesses draft documents, negotiate them, and leverage data insights from that process to draft better documents, and get to “yes” faster.

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