3 Reasons Why the Uptake of Drafting-Assist Tech is Accelerating

3 Reasons Why the Uptake of Drafting-Assist Tech is Accelerating

16th June 2022


Driver-assist systems in cars are groups of electronic technologies that assist vehicle driving and parking functions. They increase car and road safety, as well as reduce fatalities by minimising human error.

Similarly, contract drafting-assist technology is software that helps lawyers with drafting, reviewing and proof-reading documents.

It ensures accuracy and speed, while mitigating risk caused by human error.

Driver-assist technology is now a standard and widely accepted.

Is it time then that drafting assist tech ought to be standard for lawyers?

Today, it is technologically possible.

Welcome to the era of drafting “plug-ins” or “add-ins”.

Motionize is one such example and is built inside Microsoft Word.

Here are three reasons the uptake of this category of legal tech is accelerating.


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