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16th June 2022

Deepening Relationships, Building Trust and Staying Top of Mind

Uncover top tips from Jay Harrington to help you deepen your relationship and building trust with clients while remaining top of mind.

16th June 2022

3 Reasons Why the Uptake of Drafting-Assist Tech is Accelerating

Discover three key reasons why the uptake of drafting-assist tech is rapidly accelerating within law firms.

15th June 2022

10 Things Lawyers Should Stop Doing

Unlock the key to real, meaningful productivity with Jay Harrington. Learn ten (10) things lawyers should stop doing.

14th June 2022

Four Ways to Use LinkedIn to Become a Thought Leader

As a modern lawyer, you need to invest in opportunities to demonstrate and explore thought leadership. Learn how to do this through LinkedIn.

14th June 2022

What everyone needs to know about the LinkedIn Algorithm

Are you looking to increase engagement on LinkedIn? Take a look at this great article by Professional Services BD.

13th June 2022

Bitesize: The Right Legal Tech Solution

How does one find the right legal tech solution? There are so many choices. Find out how to choose the right one according to Colin Levy.

10th June 2022

Value Based Pricing for the Legal Industry

Take a closer look at what value based pricing is and how it’s revolutionizing the legal industry with AltFee.

9th June 2022

Why you can’t copy-and-paste a great BD plan

A BD plan isn’t static, which is why you can’t simply copy-and-paste last year’s document. Learn how to get your BD plan right.

7th June 2022

Focus on clients to cut through the noise

Learn how to ‘cut through the noise’ and build brand recognition, enhance reputation, create meaningful relationships, and win revenue.

7th June 2022

Business of Law Bulletin – 17th Episode

Join Ben and Marie as they discuss the different content that was featured in the Business of Law Hub last week.

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