NEXL Business of Law Community

31st July 2022

Learn Legal Tech with Nexl

There are so many phrases thrown around when talking about Legal Tech. Find out which three we focused on in July 2022.

28th July 2022

A Complete Guide to Alternative Fee Arrangements [Part 1]

The billable hour has been hanging on for dear life in the legal industry. Learn more about AFAs with The Complete Guide by ALTFEE.

26th July 2022

Client’s don’t buy services. They buy results.

It's time to rethink what clients want. The truth is... they don't want services, they want to buy results.

25th July 2022

How to Elevate your LinkedIn Personal Profile into the Stratosphere

Discover how to elevate your personal profile on LinkedIn with tips from Ben Paul and the team at The BD Ladder.

24th July 2022

The Revenue Operators Show: Dave Southern (Part 2)

In part two of the first episode of Revenue Operators, Dave Southern explores how firms can understand client needs better with client teams.

24th July 2022

Business of Law Bulletin – 20th Episode

Join Ben and Marie as they discuss the different content that was featured in the Business of Law Hub in the week commencing 27 June 2022.

23rd July 2022

Bitesize: The True Purpose of Legal Tech

Moment of truth. Legal Tech is not and should not be all about lawyers. Colin Levy uncovers the true purpose of Legal Tech in this article.

23rd July 2022

Lawyers As Artists

Would you ever use the phrase 'CREATIVE' to describe yourself as a lawyer? Now more than ever, creativity is an essential for lawyers.

22nd July 2022

Camaraderie & Collaboration

How can a law firm step up their BD efforts? Have you considered brilliant camaraderie within the firm that promotes collaboration?

20th July 2022

Keep Your Marketing Simple to Connect with Your Audience

How does one better connect with their audience? What is the key to successful and engaging marketing? Keep it simple.

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