Lawyers As Artists

23rd July 2022

Whether you know it or not, you are a creative.

It’s unfortunate that most lawyers and service professionals don’t see themselves as one. They are missing out on one of the most helpful mental constructs to help them in their career.

Being a creative is about filling an empty canvas or an empty page with something. This can be terrifying for many.

Lately, we have had many of you reach out to us feeling stuck in their career. For the first time (or perhaps for yet another time), you are being asked to put a paintbrush on an empty canvas.

You come to us unsure of that first stroke. Will it be the right move in the coming year or not?

You might not know what to fill the canvas with, but it certainly helps to have the right paintbrushes, the right colors by your stand. It also helps to have many blank canvases to fill it with something. Just in case the first one is a bit of a mess.

What does it mean to have that in your career? As the year comes to a close, you have time to reflect. So reflect first on what gives your career creative freedom. What lets you mix paints, try out different paint styles and brushstrokes on a canvas.

For many of you, that will mean having a growing book of business (of the right kind of course!). This gives you career freedom, portability, independence and so much more.

Whatever that is, figure it out and invest in it for the coming year.

May this new year bring you tremendous vibrant colours that astonish you!



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