How to Elevate your LinkedIn Personal Profile into the Stratosphere

How to Elevate your LinkedIn Personal Profile into the Stratosphere

25th July 2022

LinkedIn basics for professional services and B2B Service providers.

Social selling is one of the fastest-growing trends in the sales world and is all the buzz. In fact, it has been going for some time now. When done well it can be a very effective way of extending your network and winning new work. The main platform for doing social selling or social networking is LinkedIn, which is also a key area for professionals to start developing and promoting their personal brand. This means that utilising LinkedIn for professional services providers is absolutely essential. It has never been more important to know how to elevate your LinkedIn personal profile.

LinkedIn now has over 575 million users in total, mostly all professionals.  The latest stats I could find from a quick google search showed that NZ has over 2 million users and a similar search showed that Australia has almost 11 million. So why do so many professionals have nothing more than a badly written CV complete with a poor photo, or even no photo at all on their personal profiles?

Before you start engaging in social selling, social networking, writing articles on LinkedIn or other personal branding activities, it is essential that you get your current LinkedIn profile page up to scratch. It is vital that as a professional you understand how to elevate your LinkedIn personal profile.

Why it’s important – Google yourself!

Your LinkedIn profile will come up very high in your score. If you have a common name it may be that someone else appears ahead of you, so it’s important for you to climb those rankings. Now, think about when you go to meetings, the digitally empowered buyer (which is basically everyone) will almost certainly have googled you ahead of any meeting they have with you. If when they see your profile it looks empty, or worse, is full of typos, they won’t be impressed.



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