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12th August 2022

Business of Law Bulletin – 22nEpisode

In this episode, Marie discusses the different content that was featured in the Business of Law Hub in the week commencing 1 August 2022.

12th August 2022

The Versatile Nature of Legal Profession

Are you versatile? Have you every been asked this question before? Now is the time. The legal profession is more versatile than ever before.

11th August 2022

10 Culture Builders Required to Grow Your Firm

Culture is an essential part of every professional firm. What is culture like at your law firm? Are you actively prioritising it?

11th August 2022

A Complete Guide to Alternative Fee Arrangements [Part 3]

Learn more about the pros and cons of alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) with The Complete Guide by ALTFEE.

11th August 2022

LegalTech: Barriers to Adoption

Most lawyers are aware of LegalTech and that it's important to adopt it. There are barriers, however, that stop them.

10th August 2022

Legal Tech Friends: Office & Dragons

Join Ben and Samuel as they discuss the story behind Office & Dragons and the current state of document automation and existing barriers.

5th August 2022

Bitesize: Do You Care About CLM?

Do you care about CLM? Lucy Bassli shares valuable insight for lawyers investing in CLM, particularly those who want to do it successfully.

5th August 2022

A Complete Guide to Alternative Fee Arrangements [Part 2]

The billable hour has been hanging on for dear life in the legal industry. Learn more about AFAs with The Complete Guide by ALTFEE.

2nd August 2022

The Revenue Operators Show: Dave Southern (Part 3)

In the third episode of Revenue Operators, Dave Southern expands on how client teams can be your secret weapon in a soft business cycle.

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