The Evolving Landscape of Legal Resources

The Evolving Landscape of Legal Resources

26th August 2022

Amid the pandemic and the rise in the great resignation, a sizeable lawyer share has opined to keep working remote. Law firms are finding solutions to keep things in check – as arguably, the most important asset and resources for law firms are the employees. 

Employees have recognised the importance of employee-centric policies, and their expectations for flexibility to work remotely and generational differences are a few of the challenges faced by employers.

Some law firms have resorted to the gig economic model where they take specialised workers on a project basis under Project Managers’ leadership. To top off, attrition has also led to an imbalance. Our article on the legal industry and the great resignation portrays the dichotomy of law firms during the present times, where money and employee acquisition/retention are not cohesive.  

The freelancer ecosystem is also favoured, whereby hiring lawyers for specified tasks for a fraction of the money spent on an associate. Current trends of legal resources hinge on disruptive legal freelancers, gig workers and contractual crew. 

Another important way to ensure that the next generation of aspiring lawyers are well prepared for the future, law schools must upskill them with technological and entrepreneurial skills.



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