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Get your digital "Rolodex" today and better organise your contacts.

Keep in touch, remember to follow up and organize your contacts in one place - NEXL helps you build stronger relationships.

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Helping over 4000+ lawyers build better relationships

Why use NEXL's Contacts tool?

Today, it’s easy to lose touch with your contacts. But for lawyers and law firms, relationships matter — a lot.

NEXL is an easy to use, modern rolodex that helps you turn your contacts into business – whether its law school contacts, clients, former colleagues or social media connections.

Imagine a world where you have access to all the people you have met since your first day as a lawyer.

NEXL enables you to keep your contacts even if you change jobs.

Get organised

See all your contacts in one place. Import your contacts from Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn and other sources.

Get Notified

Set reminders and Stay-in-touch notifications. NEXL will inform you when it's time to reach out.

Get Clients

Become your contacts most thoughtful partner and win more clients.

Reasons why lawyers love NEXL

World class partners

Connect with Microsoft, Google and 50+ other applications to get a 360 view of your relationships.

Fully automated

Automatically discover your contacts and track all interactions with them.

Trusted security

Sleep soundly knowing your data is always safe and always accessible. We use the most secure and ISO-Certified data centres.

Mobile app

Manage relationships on the go with our top rated mobile app available in all app stores.

Expert advice

Make the right decisions with access to business development strategy templates, educational content and more.

Assisted onboarding

Get up and running in days, not months — using NEXL is just that easy.

So, is NEXL' Personal CRM right for you?

We think so. NEXL gives you the information to build better relationships to grow your practice and accelerate your career . 

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