NEXL Business of Law Community

16th May 2022

BD Workshop: Supporting BD Initiatives

Join Ben Chiriboga and Noa Mayer as they discuss how law firms can better support Business Development (BD) initiatives.

13th April 2022

The Holy Grail of Client Communications

Have you recently sent out a newsletter, but received no engagement? Learn how you can achieve better client communications.

11th April 2022

Business of Law Bulletin – 10th Episode

Join Ben and Marie as they discuss the different content that was featured in the Business of Law Hub last week.

24th February 2022

The Holy Grail of Client Communication

Client care and communications are critical for long-term success. Learn about the common pitfalls to client communication and how to fix it.

16th February 2022

Legal Recruiting and Employment in 2022

Get a better idea about the growing trends and developments in the legal job market space and the many new opportunities.

4th February 2022

The Client Centric Approach

Find out what the client centric approach is all about and why it is working for law firms all around the world.

27th January 2022

CLM! Not Just Another Acronym.

Learn more about the hottest buzz word in the the legal industry today - CLM. In other words known as "Client Lifecycle Management."

26th January 2022

Your Single Biggest Challenge!

Don't miss your chance to give your advice on the greatest challenges facing law firms when practicing BD and building their practice.

26th January 2022

Finding Your Niche

Uncover your true potential within the legal industry by becoming an expert and finding your niche. Your clients will love you more!

8th January 2022

BD Workshop: Time Prioritisation

Discover a step-by-step process to make time for important relationship-building without sacrificing other parts of your practice.

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