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What is legal design and how does it fit into the legal system to make it more human-centred and client-centric? In this exclusive Fireside Chat, our Head of Growth Ben Chiriboga sits down with Tessa Manuello, the Founder and CEO of Legal Creatives, and Denis Potemkin, Head of Innovations at Lex Solutions, and Founder of contract automation tool Mojoto to talk about: Understanding legal thinking as an innovative methodology that allows lawyers to be more creative and empathise with clients Improving the quality of the experience to enhance customer satisfaction and improve client retention How to apply design thinking strategies to your legal practice and optimise legal processes such as contracts, workflows and relationship management. 

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Legal Design pioneer, Internationally recognized speaker and Certified High Performance Coach, Tessa Manuello is considered one of the world’s reference in Legal Design and Innovation.  She founded Legal Creatives as an educational platform empowering legal professionals from all over the world to think creatively about the law, enabling new solutions to be created.  Tessa is considered one of the world’s most influential professional in the Legal Design space, constantly producing audio and video content to serve her audience and community with real-life insights and actionable strategies in Legal Design and Innovation. She recently developed her own Legal Design Series inside the Legal Creatives Academy, helping her community learn at their own time, online, delivering micro content, project-based education and life-long Learning. Tessa is regularly invited to speak to international audiences worldwide as a thought leader at the intersection of innovation, creativity, disruption and law.

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