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How to generate new clients in a world without legal networking events.

NEXL can help you generate new clients by digitally connecting your practice with new referral sources.

Grow your legal referral network. Join over 1,400 law firms on NEXL.

As the world prepares for supply chain disruption and non-performance issues, clients – domestic and international – will need local advise. NEXL can help you connect with partners looking for local client support in these unique times.

In a world with less 1-on-1 meetings, networks are crucial.

As the world adapts to the new reality of COVID-19 and less 1-to-1 meetings, lawyers around the world are preparing for a new reality.

Thankfully, lawyers are no stranger to emergencies. After years of legal training, lawyers remain some of the most adaptable professionals in the world.

A New Way to Connect.

The old way of generating new clients was designed for a world where business travel and 1-to-1 meetings were readily available.

Because regardless of what you do to generate new business

. Networking
. Business Dev
. Associations
. Meetings

They ALL take travel, in-person connection and resources, currently unavailable.

A new world calls for a new strategy.

NEXL helps lawyers
generate more clients, DIGITALLY.

NEXL helps busy lawyers generate more clients by connecting you digitally with new partners, around the world.

Here’s how NEXL works.

With just your profile, NEXL can connect you to the right referral partners around the world.

So instead of:

1) Waiting for another year of networking events,
2) Digital meetings, or
3) postponing business travel

NEXL will put you together with the new partners to help generate new clients, digitally.