Turn your lawyers into business development superheroes

Say goodbye to legacy CRMs that are powerful, but your lawyers don't use. Well known, but not well-liked. With NEXL your lawyers get a personal contact management solution they'll use and love.

Helping over 4500+ lawyers build better relationships

Get organised

See all your contacts in one place. NEXL automatically captures your contacts from Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn and other sources.

Get Notified

Get automatic Stay-in-touch notifications to never miss to follow-up again. NEXL will inform you when it's time to reach out.

Get Collaborative

Share contacts with your team and your firm. Share notes and set reminders. Contact management designed for teams and individuals.

Why use NEXL's Contacts tool?

Legacy CRMs are focused to serve sales teams. Law firms don’t run sales teams. This makes these CRMs difficult to use, over-priced and lawyers generally don’t use them.

NEXL is different. We focus on the individual lawyer and deliver a personal contact management system for lawyers that builds itself based on email and calendar activities. 

NEXL is an easy to use, modern rolodex that helps your lawyers build stronger relationships- whether its clients, law school contacts, former colleagues or social media connections.


Supercharge your Client Lists

Go beyond a contact list. With NEXL’s Contacts tool you can set reminders, leave notes and stay connected. Your contacts will always remember you when they need a lawyer.


Never lose touch

When work life gets busy, NEXL gives your lawyers the nudge they need to stay connected so that they reach out, stay top of mind and never miss an opportunity again.


More contacts. Less effort.

NEXL seamlessly integrates with your Office 365 account and automatically tracks interactions, adds your contacts and more. Spend less time on data entry and focus more on your relationships. 

“Despite the $11 billion spent on CRM software annually, many companies don’t understand customer relationships at all. They lack relational intelligence…and don’t know how to reinforce or change those connections.”

Collaborate with your team

Create groups and share contacts across your team and your firm. See who knows who and can introduce you to new accounts. With NEXL you can take a new collaborative approach to contact managment.

Track referrals. In and Out, with a single click of a button.

Better understand your firm’s referral relationships to  reward your most valuable contacts. NEXL gives you the information to make better referral decisions about where to put your relationship building time and effort.

What lawyers say about NEXL

Let's grow together

Better understand your relationships to grow your law firm. NEXL gives you the information to make better decisions about where to put your relationship building time and effort.

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