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After studying over 3,000 boutique law firms, NEXL has developed a Digital BD system that helps law firms around the world generate more clients and win back domestic clients using our “network” referral strategy.
Download our Quick Report, to learn how NEXL can help you generate more clients using our “networking” strategy that law firms of any size can use to stay competitive in today’s global economy. 

Growing your law firm has never been harder.
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Based on data from over 3,000 law firms in over 130 countries, NEXL “network” strategy helps independent law firms generate more referral clients.

Get an immediate lift in new client generation, without increasing expenses or adding new personnel. 

We Understand Legal Referrals

We let our clients speak for us…

NEXL provides an intuitive online platform that enables users to build global networks, to streamline the exchange of referrals, and to track and report on those quickly and easily.
Christie Guimond
Senior Manager, White & Case
The NEXL platform has the potential to significantly reduce the friction and cost in providing global services to clients. It’s an exciting new development in our industry.
Sam Nickless
COO and Partner, G+T
The importance and revenue potential of focused relationships between law firms is significantly undervalued by most law firms. Law Firms need systems in place to manage those relationships.
Stephen Revell

Referral strategy developed from real-time industry data.

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