The future of IP law in Europe


In light of recent changes on a global scale, industry and individuals alike have been forced to adapt in a big way. This has led to massive changes in the law and commerce. Intellectual property is a key element of this shifting landscape. What is driving this evolution? What changes can law firms expect? How […]

Doing Business in India


One of the powerhouses of the world - India. A land older than time, stepped in spices, spirituality and constant innovation. With a population of over a billion people, the recent global changes are magnified in this land. Changes to industry the law globally are creating big waves locally. Let's explore what it takes to get acquainted […]

Emotional Intelligence and the Law


Emotional Intelligence: It's Value to Lawyers and Law Practices. Emotonal Intelligence is a quickly growing field and has proven to be an integral aspect of modern management methods. Why should lawyers care about their own, and their partners, associates, even staff's level of emotional intelligence? In this Fireside Chat, legal educator and emotional intelligence specialist Francine […]

Adapting Business Development in a Remote World


Lawyers have suddenly been thrust into a world where many commonly used techniques for business development are not available, such as client visits, in-house presentations, lunches, attending conferences and speaking on live panels. Many do not know how to adapt to this new environment, no less understand how to mine for the gold that lies within it. They […]

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