Tessa Manuello

Legal Design pioneer, Internationally recognized speaker and Certified High Performance Coach

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Legal Design pioneer, Internationally recognized speaker and Certified High Performance Coach, Tessa Manuello is considered one of the world’s reference in Legal Design and Innovation. 

She founded Legal Creatives as an educational platform empowering legal professionals from all over the world to think creatively about the law, enabling new solutions to be created. 

Tessa is considered one of the world’s most influential professional in the Legal Design space, constantly producing audio and video content to serve her audience and community with real-life insights and actionable strategies in Legal Design and Innovation.

She recently developed her own Legal Design Series inside the Legal Creatives Academy, helping her community learn at their own time, online, delivering micro content, project-based education and life-long Learning.

Tessa is regularly invited to speak to international audiences worldwide as a thought leader at the intersection of innovation, creativity, disruption and law. She has grown the biggest and most engaged community in Legal Design with her highly engaging and motivating virtual events and trainings and her most recent Legal Creatives podcast. 

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What are the outcomes of legal design sprints? How these innovation sprints help lawyers and law students in their careers? Why participating in a sprint is no longer an option but a necessity?
The most innovative companies in the world share one thing in common: They use design as an iterative process to innovate more efficiently and successfully by focusing on the User Experience

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