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8th July 2021

Marketing Mandatories for Professional Services Firms

Building a successful marketing strategy for professional services firms with well-thought out marketing materials are essential.

24th February 2021

Canadian Legal Innovation Forum: 2021 Webinar Series

17th February 2021


17th February 2021


Negotiation Masterclass: turn conflicts into win-win relationships and never leave money on the table.

3rd February 2021

Roadmap to Professional Services Success (Bundle)

3rd February 2021

Self-sufficiency skillset to efficently manage legal drafts in Microsoft Word.

Get on top of your legal drafts and manage them with confidence under pressing deadlines. This trio of courses will give you a solid skill set, empowering you to get things done correctly, securely and fast.

3rd February 2021

Lawyers guide to winning new referrals & clients on LinkedIn

Unlock the secret method for busy legal professionals to build a new base of high-quality referral agents or clients through LinkedIn.

29th January 2021

Legal Creatives Academy & Legal Design Certification

Give Your legal career a boost with the Legal Creatives Academy

28th January 2021

Digital Networking mini-course

Networking and building relationships with clients and referral partners is a key part of doing successful business as a lawyer.

19th January 2021


Leading legal Marketing, strategy, PR and professional services firm.


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