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Legal Creatives Academy: 

✓ Learn Legal Design anytime, anywhere, at your own pace
 ✓ Browse the library, watch videos, download tools
✓ Interact live with a global community of legal professionals learning online

With the Academy Membership, you get 24/7 access to the series on the platform, Masterclasses, Group coaching sessions and Expert reviews. Watching Legal Design Series, download the tools with the templates, and engage live with other legal professionals learning online. 

When you’re ready, submit your project for an Expert Review to get personalized feedback with recommendations on the next steps to take so you can keep progressing at the pace you want.

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Legal Design Expert Certification: 

Get Certified as a Legal Design Expert Practitioner: ✓ Gain a competitive advantage by becoming a Legal Design Certified Expert delivering top Legal Design advice and service.

The Legal Design Expert Practitioner Certification provides advanced knowledge in Legal Design and Visual Law (Theory and Practice). Professionals that earn this certification are immediately able to put their new skills into use to consult with law firms, legal departments and public institutions worldwide to help them bring value through Legal Design. 

The Legal Creatives Expert Certification in Legal Design has a foundational understanding of Legal Design Thinking, principles, and practices.  

With practice of the following: 

✓ Legal Design Thinking

✓ Mindset

✓ Framework

✓ Process

✓ Techniques

✓ Attitudes, Skills, and Values. 

Certified experts practitioners have all the tools they need to conduct the Legal Design process entirely, from interviewing users to testing solutions, using a universal framework that can be applied to any fields of law and in any jurisdictions.

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