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90 minutes | 23 modules | 62 pages

The reality is, we are all negotiators. We negotiate our career progress, our work conditions, fees or salaries, contract renewals, outcomes on behalf of our clients or things as simple as what we should order for dinner. The potential scenarios are endless, but we all follow the exact same principles.

What you will lean

  • Turn conflicts into win-win relationships by navigation conversations with enhanced sensitivity and consciousness
  • Build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships through interactions that never undermine your value and positioning
  • Predict the potential implications and pitfalls of actions in a negotiation and avoid unfavorable scenarios through early recognition
  • Never leave money on the table as you navigate conversations with a clear and thought-through strategy geared towards your ideal outcome
  • Recognise when walking out of a negotiation with no deal is an act in your favor and long-term profitability

This Bundle Course include:


$310 including the eBook. Use code NEXL for 25% off 


  • 10 golden rules: $30 (We have a special 10 rules, for 10 days for $10 running just now, in case you wanted to bring that into attention) 
  • Mantras: $150
  • Five phases: $150

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