Roadmap to Professional Services Success (Bundle)

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A client-centric approach in professional services is vital to success as the complexity of these professions sit at the heart of difficulties in winning or keeping business. By following a set of simple yet powerful principles, professionals can easily make this approach a part of their day to day work and enjoy the benefits of educated, satisfied and engaged clients. This course will take you through the techniques everyone is professional services should live and breath from initial interactions through pricing all the way to working with the client.

What you will learn

  • Maximize your reach of ideal clients by mastering 4 simple and cost-effective communication routes
  • Effortlessly and quickly identify the source of client concerns, so you have a clear idea of how to aid them
  • Enhance the respect your client has for you by adding value to their journey in five different, simple ways
  • Price yourself higher with confidence by demonstrating your value in a measurable and meaningful way
  • Ensure client satisfaction with your price and trust in the value you will provide in return by turning them into educated clients

This bundle includes:

  1. Innovative ways to direct clients to your firm
    Winning new clients does not have to be a rigorous, complicated process. A set of simple principles from the repertoire of the best sales professionals will help those in professional services transform their approach to engaging with clients and make themselves stand out. Learn to be top of mind!
  2. Enhance the client experience dynamically
    We’ve long learnt the ultimate truth that it “all starts with the client” yet the recipe to how that should be done often remains to be a mystery. This practical course explores the questions that get you on the right track to execute 5 simple strategies that have proven to meaningfully ease the pains of clients and create a great experience throughout their engagement with you. Become the professional they want to engage with!
  3. Strategies to achieve optimal pricing in professional services
    Become confident leading the money conversation with new clients, knowing that they will recognize the value behind the number and trust you enough to accept it. This course will equip anyone in professional services with the strategies you need to create the foundations for the conversation and to recognize the moment to start talking about pricing without falling at the risk of commodity pricing.

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