Self-sufficiency skillset to efficently manage legal drafts in Microsoft Word.

About this Course/ Service

Get on top of your legal drafts and manage them with confidence under pressing deadlines. This trio of courses will give you a solid skillset, empowering you to get things done correctly, securely and fast.

This BUNDLE from Novum Learning includes:

  1. Best practice of legal drafting with Microsoft Word templates
    This course will empower you to save significant professional hours every day by showing you the most essential best practice skills needed to make your templates do the rigorous formatting process. Produce consistently accurate and well-formatted legal documents by using house style templates in Microsoft Word. Do it once and do it well by understanding how the world’s leading law firms use best practice principles to provide high-quality documents for their clients.

  2. Manage the core formatting of legal documents efficiently in Microsoft Word
    This renowned session, delivered by leading Microsoft Word specialists, will empower you with practical skills to use the software’s most crucial capabilities and manage your legal documents more efficiently and securely. You will learn how to: Format documents correctly from the start, troubleshoot basic formatting issues instantly, reduce drafting time with shortcut, address formatting problems correctly and enduringly.

  3. Ensure the security and stability of legal travelling drafts in Microsoft Word
    This renowned course, delivered by leading Microsoft Word specialists, will empower you with practical skills to manage your legal documents more efficiently and prevent them from becoming corrupted or incurring damage to the formatting through a series of adjustments.
    You will learn how to:
    – Use styles and draft pane to find the source of formatting issues
    – Benefits of using the compare function over track changes for amendments
    – Change author names belonging to new versions or adjustments
    – Paste correctly without damaging your document’s layout
    – Update cross-references securely and more efficiently using shortcuts

Who is this session for?

Lawyers – Secretaries – Document specialists. This course is designed to address the most crucial points of knowledge that professionals need to manage their legal documents in Microsoft Word. Whilst the course is especially applicable to the legal industry, the Word skills covered are universally applicable in any document.

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