Here's some frequently asked questions

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I'm skeptical -- is there some catch to NEXL?

There’s no catch. NEXL helps lawyers do business globally by matching them with other lawyers to grow collaborative lawyer-to-lawyer referral networks that would otherwise be too difficult to support.

How does NEXL make money?

NEXL is a software-as-a-service subscription service to use our NEXL platform and a flat-rate service cost for our NEXL Concierge services.

What sort of partners should I expect to match with?

NEXL's core value is matching you with other referral partners who you would otherwise never meet. Our database and platform allows us to source partners from literally anywhere in the world you're looking for partners.

Are there any IT issues I need to know or inform my firm about?

Similar to signing up for any other professional network, getting started is simply a matter of entering your work email. However, if you have any further questions you can reach us at [email protected]

Why haven't I ever heard about NEXL before?

Because we're relative new -- but growing fast. To date, we've matched lawyers in over 290 law firms in over 87 countries representing over 9000 lawyers!