Here's some frequently asked questions

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Why is your network free? How does NEXL make money?

Creating referrals is at the core of the NEXL ecosystem, and therefore must be as accessible as possible. We make money when you do — via high volume business referral activity, the NEXLmanage tool and NEXLpay.

Is there some catch I don't understand?

There’s no catch. The idea behind NEXL is to create what’s called a Network Marketplace that allows lawyers and law firms to do business globally through network partners which would otherwise be too difficult to manage and support.

Are you splitting referral fees with lawyers?

No. NEXL is not a referral network and there is no “pay to play” element. As a software company, when NEXL makes money we do so based on usage of the software to bring our users value either in processing payments, providing tools to better manage a matter or optimizing your search results.

What sort of referrals should I expect?

Sort of like any relationship you probably have, on NEXL you get back what you give with success coming to those who create the most value for the network and their partners.

Can I be on the network for free, forever?

Yes. Claiming your profile is free which will allow you to connect with others, allow others to find you and get referred matters free of charge.

Are there any IT issues I need to know or inform my firm about?

Similar to signing up for LinkedIn or any other professional network, getting started is simply a matter of entering your work email to claim your personal profile. However, if you have any further questions you can reach us at [email protected]