The easiest way to manage your client relationships

NEXL gives you everything you need to organize your contacts.
Build relationships, find opportunities, and reach your goals.

Always know whom you know across your firm

NEXL will automatically build an up-to-date client list based on your lawyers’ email and calendar activities. Our multi-level data enrichment gives you access to detailed client information including location, industry, company size and more. No data entry needed.


Get organised

NEXL automatically discovers your contacts and helps you and your lawyers capture and organise your contacts. Segment your contacts into lists, add labels and leave notes to better understand who you know.


Never lose touch with your valuable contacts

When work-life gets busy, NEXL gives you the nudge you need to stay connected with your important relationships to stay top of mind and never miss an opportunity again.

Simply set how often you want to stay in touch with your contacts and let NEXL do the rest.


Know where you left off

NEXL automatically tracks your activities with your clients. Easily see a complete history of your activities and become the most thoughtful lawyer your client has.


Never miss a birthday

Receive birthday reminders so you never forget to wish your clients a happy birthday. Access a list of upcoming birthday to plan ahead so your clients receive their gifts in time.


Better understand your clients to deliver a better service

With NEXL you get a better understanding of your clients and who they are. See how often you engage with your clients, who you speak to and identify your strongest relationships. Reduce client churn, increase engagement and grow revenue from existing clients.


Know your strongest links

Discover the strongest links between you and your clients. Automatically track your lawyers’ client activities across the entire firm. No data entry needed.


Identify cross-selling opportunities

With NEXL, cross-selling becomes easy. Identify cross-selling opportunities based on your lawyers’ client activities. See which practice groups engage which clients and let NEXL identify new cross-selling opportunities for you. 


Find what you are looking for

With NEXL’s powerful search function, you will always find who you are looking for, instantly. Search for any contact or company by name, industry or location.


Reduce client churn

NEXL helps you focus on the right relationships that need your attention. See who you are losing touch with and re-engage your clients before it is too late.


Delight your clients with the right content

With NEXL’s powerful marketing list manager, you will always send the most relevant content to your clients. Send the right content to the right clients to increase engagement and provide a better client experience. 


Achieve your yearly revenue goals

Track your firm’s business development goals and client opportunities to reach your yearly revenue goals. With NEXL, you will always know what to do next. If you want to get more referrals, cross-sell to a certain client or win your next high-value transaction. NEXL keeps you focused, helps you identify opportunities and helps you achieve your goals. 


Win more business, with less work

NEXL helps you stay focused on your client opportunities. Increase your chances to win more business by engaging the right decision-makers.

Plan your next steps and keep track of client activities. With NEXL’s powerful client insights, winning work becomes easy.


Find new prospective clients in seconds

Find new prospects right within NEXL. Search for any business and discover the right contacts to reach out. Get full access to emails and contact information.

Use NEXL’s prospector to discover new contacts within your existing clients to increase your chances to win more business.

Referral Tracking

Track referrals. In and Out, with a single click of a button.

Better understand your firm’s referral relationships to  reward your most valuable contacts. NEXL gives you the information to make better referral decisions about where to put your relationship building time and effort.


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