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DALIR is an international law firm authorised by the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority.  The firm was founded by Dr Irena Dajkovic. She and her team have a combination of more than 20 years of private practice and in-house experience in commercial, corporate and regulatory laws. The firm's strategy is to assist its clients across a broad base of legal areas. Due to dynamic changes of the e-commerce ecosystem and the founder's direct exposure to these topics, the firm has a special interest in the e-commerce, fintech and biotech sectors.  DALIR is a law firm known for its ability to provide effective legal solutions, strategic business advice and deal with high profile sensitive matters. We always aim to be a trusted partner of our clients in order to ensure their success. Through first hand experience in launching new business ventures we have a good understanding of the everyday challenges of running a business and are as such able to better appreciate our clients'​ needs. 

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