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At Velderrain Sáenz & Asociados, S.C., we specialize in corporate accounting, compliance, audit, and appraisal services.We distinguish ourselves for personalized attention, legal certainty, comprehensive advice, continuous updating, and high-level commitment to our clients. Thanks to our interrelated corporative services, the capacity to provide comprehensive advice has turned us into providers and undisputed copartners of many of our clients' success. To be up-to-date, we permanently train the firm’s professionals, which has allowed us to help our clients face the constant changes in legislation and the way to do business today.ABOUT USOne of the main features of VSA is the personal treatment given to each of our clients since we present customized recommendations and solutions. This allows our clients to have sustained growth, according to the legal certainty they need. To be up-to-date and the continuous  Updating & training of the firm’s professionals are among the reasons that have allowed us to help our clients face the constant changes in legislation and the way to do business today. We are distinguished by the high level of commitment we show in our professional services,  understanding our client’s needs, and engaging with them as if their problems were our own.CLIENT ORIENTED – High level of commitment – Personal Treatment- Customized recommendations and solutions- Legal Certainty – Continuous Updating & Trading – Understanding Needs COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Clients from more than 25 countries More than 100 hours of annual training to each collaborator50% of our collaborators are women More than 12 years of experience We've handled more than 1000 complex matters over the last 10 yearsSERVICES Accounting The accounting is booked and supervised following the Financial Information Standards.Federal, local, and social security tax calculations and tax returns are prepared and filedfollowing the valid legislation, treaties, codes, and regulations.PayrollCompliance The compliance service consists of conferring on an external expert the supervision or preparation and processing of tax returns. Companies that have an internal accounting department face a high number of obligations and endless opportunities, as well as changes and amendments, in tax matters, making it challenging to comply with tax obligations.Audit An audit is the critical and systematic exam of an economic entity and consists of stating an opinion on what is being examined. As a result of these analyses, the auditor in charge shall issue an opinion containing the obtained outcomes and the suggestions to improve processes within the economic entity.AppraisalOur appraisal service consists of determining the market value of a company’s assets, using different methods following the rules applicable in Mexico, in order to achieve a better financial, tax and/or patrimonial decision-making.Our team reviews the integrity and consistency of the client's information, prepares and gauges its appraisal models, and performs tests and simulations to verify them.CONTACT US+ (52 55) 2978 0007

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