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Functional outsourcing focuses more on the task specific needs with complete control over results saving huge on costs over a period of time. FSP model can be applied to any verticals need across the globe. FSP will take load off your budgetary resources. FSP arrangement provides a variable number of headcount, usually across one or a limited number of functional areas.FSP with Writs Law Int. & Legal Counsels (UK) Ltd., will help you to take better business decisions and plan strategically. Such FSP tie-up will provide a company adequate synergy needed to reach goals as determined. Our legal expert team will provide solutions for any size of legal project. We would also be in a position to provide you in-house counsels, general counsels with rich legal international working experience to manage clients legal department with efficiency, quality and lower fee model.We provide International legal services globally in contracts, litigation support, legal hires, retainership and much more with better cost advantage, quality deliverance and business support with security.

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