NEXL 360

A better way to grow your law firm.

Better understand your firm's relationships to deliver a better client experience. Win new clients, strengthen your relationships and reduce client churn. All without any data entry.

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Helping over 3000+ firms win more clients.

Client Insights

Access relationship insights that drive revenue.

Capture your lawyers business relationships without any data input with NEXL’s seamless email integrations.

Cross-sell and up-sell with ease when you visualize who knows whom across your lawyers’ networks.

NEXL 360 can also extend your existing CRM
CRM Automation

NEXL is the only CRM that builds itself for you.

Your firm already has all the data iyou need. It’s simply hiding in your lawyers’ inboxes.

NEXL automatically captures and maps all your firm’s relationships from your lawyers’ email activity. Easily see who knows whom, who are the strongest links between you and your clients, when was the last time someone reached out and more. 

Data Enrichment

More data, less effort

Understand the whole person. With NEXL’s data enrichment, you instantly and easily access a variety of accurate, person-level insights about clients and prospects in real-time.

Save time and money and transform a single email address into a whole person.


List Manager

Reach the right clients with dynamic marketing lists

With NEXL’s List Manager, you’ll always reach the right people with the right message. Create dynamic marketing lists to deliver relevant and engaging messages to specific clients and business contacts.

Land and Expand. Integrated client prospecting.

NEXL doesn’t only show you whom you know but also whom you don’t know but should know.

Identify new opportunities to expand your client relationships. Build more relationships with existing clients to secure future work and drive more revenue.

Discover business opportunities from similar companies and start growing your client base.

Referral Tracking

Track referrals. In and Out.
With a single click of a button.

Better understand your firm’s referral relationships and let your referral partners grow your practice for you.

NEXL gives you the information to make better referral decisions about where to put your relationship-building time and effort.

International Network

A centralised approach for your firm's international relationships

Build your own directory of your firm’s preferred international referral partners. 

Easily communicate your firm’s strategy to ensure your lawyers always use the right referral partner for your clients and your firm.

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Let's grow together

Better understand your relationships to grow your law firm. NEXL gives you the information to make better decisions about where to put your relationship building time and effort.