A better way to grow your practice

Powerful and easy. A complete business development platform specifically designed for law firms.

We have completely reimagined relationship management for law firms.

Legacy CRMs are designed to serve sales teams. Law firms don’t have sales teams, they have lawyers. CRMs designed for sales teams are difficult to use, over-priced and lawyers generally don’t use them.

Over 90% of law firms are dissatisfied with their CRM!

NEXL is different. We completely reimagined relationship management specifically for law firms.

Learning from many systems and considering law firms’ special characteristics, we have built a business development platform that empowers your lawyers to build stronger relationships and it gives your BD team the tools and data they need, to help your law firm grow.

Helping over 3000+ firms win more clients.

CRM Contact Management

Say goodbye to legacy CRMs that are powerful, but your lawyers don’t use. Well known, but not well-liked.

With NEXL your lawyers get a personal contact management solution they’ll use and love.

NEXL works with the tools you already use

Insights that drive revenue

Map your lawyers business relationships without any user input with NEXL’s seamless Office 365 integration.

Cross-sell and upsell with ease when you visualize who knows who across your lawyers’ networks.

NEXL extends your existing CRM

More data, less effort

Understand the whole person. With NEXL’s data enrichment, you instantly and easily access a variety of accurate, person-level insights about clients and prospects in real-time.

Save time and money and transform a single email address into a whole person.


Track referrals. In and Out.
With a single click of a button.

Better understand your firm’s referral relationships and let your referral partners grow your practice for you.

NEXL gives you the information to make better referral decisions about where to put your relationship-building time and effort.

A centralised approach for your firm’s international relationships

Build your own internal directory of your firm’s preferred firms around the world.

Easily communicate your firm’s strategy to ensure your lawyers always use the right referral partner for your clients and your firm.

Land and Expand. Integrated client prospecting.

Identify new opportunities to expand your client accounts. Build more relationships with existing clients to secure your clients and drive more revenue.

Discover business opportunities from similar accounts and start growing your client base.

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