Before another webinar, maybe try NEXL Events?​

Your clients don’t want another webinar. 

NEXL Events is a safe and secure remote networking platform designed for lawyers, clients and their partners. 

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NEXL Events


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The only virtual networking solution, built for the legal industry.

NEXL Events helps you drive more engaging and on-going remote legal events by combining the power of webinars with the interaction of social networks, all within a private space designed for the legal community.

Engage deeper with your private network.

Unlike webinars, NEXL Events will help your events feel less like one-way conversations and more like organic networking events, where participants chat with one another, listen to talks and join break-out sessions.

Don't restrict yourself to one event.

Host a series of sessions within a single virtual event space. With NEXL events you can host multiple sessions over a period of time. No one wants to watch 6 hours of webinars straight. Organise events with multiple speakers, panel discussions and group sessions over a longer period of time without having to send multiple webinar links.

Turn your webinars into community building networking events.

Unlike webinars, NEXL Events and community platform allows your attendees stay connected long after the event. Build a collaborative community and grow your network one NEXL event at a time.

Over 2,200 law firms use NEXL for their virtual legal networking.

As law firms goes more remote and cloud-based, NEXL is a simple-turn key solution that can help you stay connected with partners in a more organic, natural way. Your partners deserve more than just a series of webinars.