Grow your referrals, without "networking".

NEXL helps lawyers build their referral networks by matching them with other lawyers. 

Join in minutes and get matched with global partners looking for you.

Here's how we can help you
grow your practice.

Lawyers use NEXL when they need to:

1- Generate more

Need new clients? Grow your practice by growing your inbound referrals. 

Match with others and be a soft pair of hands to partners, around the world. 

2 -Develop Better Outbound

Bad partners? We can match you with better outbound partners who reciprocate and drive client value.

With NEXL we help you find better outbound partners.

3 - Grow a Stronger Network

The average lawyer spends over $10,000 in networking with little to show for it.

NEXL can give you a scalable, digital alternative to expensive conferences and costly travel.

Are you ready to start?

We help lawyers at these law firms generate more work.

Sam Nickless

COO and Partner, Gilbert + Tobin

The NEXL platform has the potential to significantly reduce the friction and cost in providing global services to clients. It’s an exciting new development in our industry.

and hundreds more.

Here's how NEXL works

Here's how we help you create REAL referrals partners using our technology.

1- Tell us about your practice.

First, tell us about your practice by filling in a simple matching questionnaire. 

By telling us about your focuses, practice areas and sectors, we can make sure you match with the right partners within NEXL. 

2 -Get matched with others.

Next, NEXL will match you with others based on your profile and answers, using our matching algorithm.

Our unique platform allows you to match with other as they are searching for partners like you.

3 -Drive more business.

Finally, NEXL can help you keep top of mind with tools that helps you stay top of mind with your network.

In a busy world with lots of options, NEXL will help you stand out from the crowd and stay connected.