Lawyers, time to come together on NEXL Community.

As the world prepares for supply chain disruption and non-performance issues, clients will need local advise in the wake of COVID-19. NEXL community can help you connect with partners looking for local client support inside our unique lawyer-to-lawyer social community.

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The only lawyer-to-lawyer social platform.

NEXL community is a new platform for engaging the global legal community like never before. Keep up with potential partners around the world and build credibility across borders.

Engage remotely with legal industry colleauges.

Unlike other social media channels, NEXl will help your content reach the right people with industry-specific practice groups and powerful #tagging features, designed for legal content.

Reach more people with your legal content.

Stay up to do date with news and business opportunities relevant to your practice and jurisdiction within legally-relevant groups that ensures more people see your content.