Why Join the NEXL Community?

NEXL is a lawyer-to-lawyer community platform that helps lawyers build stronger referral relationships for their practice. Lawyers from over 2,500 law firms in 130 countries trust NEXL to help them connect with other professionals, just like them.

100% free profile. Forever.

Be found by more partners, more often.

NEXL makes it easy for others to find and add you to their personal legal network with powerful search and ranking features.

Grow your network, around the world.

Unlike networking and meetings, NEXL connects you digitally and remotely with other lawyers and helps you grow your network, at the speed and scale of the internet.

Generate new clients. Grow your practice.

To date, NEXL made over 15,000 matches between lawyers from over 2,500+ law firms in over 117 different countries and continues to grow everyday.

Why Join NEXL?

Unlike networking, 1-on-1 meetings or social media, NEXL helps you be found by others and grow your referral network, based on your particular profile, practice and preferences.


Join over 2,500+ law firms representing over 20,000 lawyers

Be part of our community, a place where independent lawyers are growing their reach. There’s a new, easier and more scalable way to generate new clients — with a global referral network.


The NEXL platform has the potential to significantly reduce the friction and cost in providing global services to clients. It’s an exciting new development in our industry.
Sam Nickless
COO and Partner, G+T