What is NEXL and Why Join?

If you're on this page you've been invited to join one of our members' personal networks. NEXL is a technology platform that helps lawyers build and manage their personal legal networks.

Here’s why we believe you should join NEXL.

A personal type of legal network.

NEXL is building a new type of network that makes it easier than ever for others to find and add you to their personal legal network.

Stop networking. Start matching.

Unlike social media platforms or legal directories, NEXL matches you with other lawyers based on your particular profile and the type of legal work you do.

Grow your network. Grow your practice.

To date, NEXL made over 3000 matches between 275 law firms in over 87 different countries, representing over 9000 lawyers. 

Why Join NEXL?

Compared to other options like networking, personal 1-on-1 meetings and social media, NEXL provides a high impact, low cost alternative that helps you be found by others and grow your network in the most targeted way possible by matching you with others, based on your particular profile, practice and preferences.


Join over 400 law firms representing over 10,000 lawyers

Be part of our join platform today. There’s a new way to grow your network.


The NEXL platform has the potential to significantly reduce the friction and cost in providing global services to clients. It’s an exciting new development in our industry.
Sam Nickless
COO and Partner, G+T