Build Stronger Referral Relationships​

NEXL is a simple personal business development tool that helps lawyers turn their email, social media and rolodex contacts into true referral partners.

NEXL is an easy-to-use business development tool used by over 2,500 lawyers and law firms to increase their referrals.

Imagine a contact book smart enough to help you generate referrals by helping you stay in close contact with your best referral contacts, telling you exactly when to reach out to generate business, based on today’s best legal business development practices. 

It’s possible with NEXL’s lawyer business development tool.

NEXL’s simple digital business development tool helps you stay in better contact with your contacts, reminding you when it’s time to reach out, making sure you stay top of mind with your contacts.

Get the tool for free and get started today in less than 3 minutes.

Managing over +25,000 lawyer to lawyer referral relationships in over 130 countries.

Organize your most important referral contacts.

Import your contacts from Facebook, Outlook, LinkedIn, or Gmail. Start with a clean, consolidated records of the people you care about doing business with.

Turn your contacts into referrals partners.

NEXL helps you make the most of your contact book or rolodex. With NEXL, you’ll remember to keep in touch and turn the person at your legal networking event into a real business partner.

Impress by being the most thoughtful partner they know.

NEXL remembers your conversation history with each contact, so you don’t have to and with built in notes, NEXL will turn your connections into contacts that drive you referrals. 

Lawyer To Lawyer Business Development Is The New Way To Grow Your Practice.

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