Over +4,000 law firms use NEXL to manage client relationships!

Stop using spreadsheets to manage your client relationships. NEXL's CRM is a simple to use, no-data entry CRM that takes days -- not weeks -- to implement.

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Spreadsheets can't manage your law firm relationships.

Spreadsheets are hard to use and need to be constantly updated. NEXL is the only law firm CRM that automatically builds itself for you!

Result: BD Managers have the client data they need, without waiting for their lawyers to enter it.

Helping over 4,500+ firms build better relationships

CRM Automation

No more data entry.

NEXL’s CRM will automatically pull that data into our CRM without needing your lawyers to enter it.

Client Insights

Understand your client relationships.

NEXL’s CRM gives you the information you need to understand how you are communicating with your clients!

NEXL 360 can also extend your existing CRM
Data Enrichment

Attract more business with less work.

Spreadsheet quickly become outdated. With NEXL’s data enrichment, your CRM will always be updated with the most relevant information. 


Referral Tracking

Track referrals in one click.

Better understand your firm’s referral relationships and let your referral partners grow your practice for you.

NEXL gives you the information to make better referral decisions about where to put your relationship-building time and effort.

List Manager

Reach the right clients with marketing lists.

NEXL’s List Manager will help you create dynamic marketing lists to deliver relevant marketing messages to your clients and business contacts.


Prospect new clients - easily!

NEXL’s Prospecting tool will help you identify new opportunities to expand your client relationships. Discover business opportunities from similar companies and start growing your client base.

Unlike other CRMs, NEXL 360 builds itself for you.

Other CRMs were built for salespeople. Require manual data entry. Not NEXL's CRM. We built it for law firms. Get started with a 25-minute product tour.

So, is NEXL's Law Firm CRM right for you?

We think so. NEXL gives you the information to build better relationships to grow your practice and accelerate your career . 

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